THE PATH FOR are a series of workshops inspired by the chakra system to help you get back to your pure creative spirit. They are a path for your journey bring you back home to your authentic self. They are your path to true CREATIVE expression. Explained and demonstrated simply, using movement, meditation and imagination, these workshops are a path to your true purpose.


I originally developed the content of these workshops on Ella Mesma Company to facilitate the telling of the performers stories and dealing with all the stuff that comes up in the studio in a way that was healing and affirming and still helped the dancers access the beautiful place of vulnerability where all magic happens, but quickly realised that they were much more… here you can read some quotes from participants.

These workshops have been broken down into the seven chakras (energy centres in our body that regulate core identity and creative expression). If they are blocked this keeps us from flowing freely in our lives, from creating, from taking control of our lives.

The origin of the rainbow chakras and the kundalini serpent derive from the Yoruba Orisha system of ancient West Africa, deified in the divinity Oshumare. The Kundalini energy can be awakened to flow through the body and allow us to connect with our pure creative spirit.


We want to make sure all our clients are serious about their journey and also ready for it… this is a true path that requires dedication, preparation and love!


1: HOME: Grounding and Foundation

“The ache for home lives in all of us: the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” Maya Angelou

Inspired by the Root Chakra (Muladhara), HOME uses different improvisation techniques and work with the bandhas and the ‘Pole of the Body’ as described by Katherine Dunham to discover and unlock the unique movement language within all of us.

The Muladhara or Root chakra corresponds to the physical body and connection to the Earth. Just like a foundation, it is concerned with the basics of survival (evolution) and thoughts such as ‘I don’t belong’ and so in this class we use affirmations, grounding, contract/release work, floor-work and the imagination.

Danced to Latin and Afro house, (and other awesome tracks) HOME comes with a complimentary Chakra PDF about how to further work on opening and grounding.

2 (Or 3) WOMB: Pleasure and Shadows

“I live in a queendom, ruled by a womb-iverse.” Erykah Badu

Connecting to our divine feminine wisdom, WOMB was inspired by the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana), WOMB is a transformative women’s only workshop to worship you! WOMB uses fertility dances, yoga and explorative dance to explore and experience our emotions, the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’, pleasure and boundaries in an unashamed and delicious way.

3 (Or 5) CREATE: Confidence and Responsibility

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfrey

CREATE is a metaphorical heroes journey, a ritual of movement, meditation and free writing to transform doubt, anger and shame residing in the navel Chakra (Manipura) into creative joy. The journey allows us to understand what inside us needs healing, where we need to reclaim joy, and to uncover our true soul purpose, stoking the fire and passion within to CREATE our dreams!

4 (Or 2) HEART: Give and Receive

“The more love we feel in our hearts, the more it will be brought to us” Deepak Chopra

HEART uses techniques from contemporary and partner dances to get back in touch with ourselves and to remember how to teake responsibility, listen and communicate without words using the universal language of the body. Danced to Latin and other beautiful music, HEART includes lifting, one to one and group partner combinations as well as meditations to connect to the heart. Each session comes with a complimentary Chakra PDF

*This class uses balloons: If you have a latex allergy or phobia please notify us and we will make adjustments.

5 SING: Self Expression

“Reclaim your potent voice, filling in the past silences” Tererai Trent

In SING, the 5th workshop of the HOME Series, we look at reclaiming our powerful and potent voice using movement, meditation and sound! What we say and how we say it can change lives! Inspired by the 5th chakra: Vishudda, there be laughter, shouting, singing and silence in this movement meditation to unlock the blocks we have to our truest creative expression!

*We finish with an eco friendly outdoor ritual so bring warm clothes!