Maya Gandaia

Embodied Alchemy

Alchemy & Coaching to help Artists & Professionals embody creativity & abundance



This online course combines group sessions and videos to help anyone, but in particular artists and creatives to understand how their not belonging belief is interfering with their fully enjoying life. Over the course (which can be completed in your own time) you will watch videos, practise exercises, learn meditations to help you learn to love better with your imposter syndrome.

This is a powerful course to transform the way you live your life.

Come Back Home To Your Heart

Come home to yourself and reawaken your true soul purpose. We are all born with unique gifts to share with the world, but somewhere along our path, we dim our light and take on beliefs about ourselves and the world. Rather than share our heart, we learn to protect it, to suppress our desires, to play small. This 7 – 12 day course includes powerful offerings and practical steps to evolve body and mind, to release the blocks stopping you from living your best life and allow the transformation to live your true purpose. Over the course you will be inspired to step out of the illusions which holding you back from being our superhero selves and create the life of your dreams!

These sessions can be booked individually or as a course.

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