Thailand: Chiang Mai 2020-2021

This is a beautiful  an abundant, creative, thriving new you in 2021!

Ella Mesma invites you to welcome the New Year in with a restorative, heart opening, meditative and abundant experience in Thailand.

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Located in a beautiful luxury Homestay in Chiang Mai Thailand, Maya Gandaia are offering their series over 7 days, as well as Yoga, movement workshops, meditation, luxury, food, massages and exploring the beautiful sites of Chiang Mai including temples, cookery school, dance classes, waterfalls and mountains. This is a journey back home to our authentic selves surrounded by nature and with expert tuition.

Calling all creatives! Dancers, Artists, yogis!

Deep down we all know we are powerful, we all know have a creative gift to share with the world, but sometimes, we feel that you should be further along in your career/ feel a little lost. Would you love to get back in touch with your inner artist? with your authentic self? to be creating and thriving abundantly beyond your wildest dreams?

Maya Gandaia and the retreats are about shining a light on the illusions we have made up that get in the way of our true creative spark shining. We ALL have immense power when we create from joy: we are all pure creative spirit!

Over 7 days we will journey through the Chakras on a path of self awareness using dance, art, voice work, journaling and meditation to come back home to your truth: to that version of you who was free to be herself, who will sing out loud, dress and express herself and her lioness goddess without worrying what others think and who knows herself deeply with passion and love.

This is a trip of a lifetime for Goddesses to embody their true CREATIVE expression.

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Under the brand name ‘Maya Gandaia‘ (which translates as ‘Illusion to Joy’),

Ella Mesma has devised ‘The Series’ for true creative expression. This series of 7 workshops are each inspired by a Chakra, to help step out of the illusions which hold us back from being our true selves.

The Series were originally developed on Ella Mesma Company: a dance theatre company, to facilitate the telling of the performers stories and dealing with all the stuff that comes up in a work space and during the creative process in a way that was healing, affirming and helped the dancers access the beautiful place of vulnerability and genius where creative magic happens.

This series uses creative devices to offer a fun and accessible healing, self-reflection, connection and growth. This is a everyone, but with an emphasis on those who would love to connect to their inner artist, and come home to our authentic selves, for remembering who we truly are.

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The PathFor Series workshops are:

HOME | MULADHARA (Root Chakra) | GROUNDING AND FOUNDATION“The ache for home lives in all of us: the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” Maya Angelou

HEART | ANAHATA (Heart Chakra)| GIVE AND RECEIVE “The more love we feel in our hearts, the more it will be brought to us” Deepak Chopra

WOMB | SVADISTHANA (Sacral Chakra) | PLEASURE AND SHADOWS  “I live in a queendom, ruled by a womb-iverse.” Erykah Badu 

  SING | VISHUDDHI (Throat Chakra) | SELF EXPRESSION “Reclaim your potent voice, filling in the past silences” Tererai Trent

FLY | AJNA (Third Eye Chakra)|INTUITION “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ” Maya Angelou

CREATE | MANIPURA (Naval Chakra) | CONFIDENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfrey 

SPACE | SAHASRARA (Crown Chakra) |CONNECTED THROUGH ALL TIME AND SPACE“I am connected to everyone through all time and space” William Whitecloud

If chakras are blocked this keeps us from flowing freely in our lives, from creating, from taking control of our lives. Each lower chakra corresponds to an upper chakra, and so we like to run our sessions in this order to achieve balance, and each time we move up to a new chakra raising a higher vibration. The origin of the rainbow chakras and the kundalini serpent derive from the Yoruba Orisha system of ancient West Africa, deified in the divinity Oshumare and that is why the PathFor series focus on the dances of these deities as well as movement styles and artistic mediums to allow us to connect with our pure creative spirit. No previous experience is needed: all womxn welcome just come with an open heart and a curiosity, and we invite you to participate at the best pace for your path!


EARLYBIRD: (Paid in full by May 1st: Places are limited) £1400
BOOK NOW PAY LATER: £1450  Pay a deposit of £450 by May 1st and pay the next two payments of £500 x 2 on the 1st August and 1st October
After May the retreat is £1500 (paid in full)
BOOK NOW PAY LATER: After May, the retreat is reservable at £1550 (reservable with a £550 deposit) paid in two installments of £500 (Final payment must be received by 1st November)
(not included are flights, insurance, any more than two massages, and any alcohol)
(For flights we recommend Skyscanner)

Trip limited to 11 spaces: Apply HERE

The cost of this retreat includes:

All the workshops, meditations, yoga classes, 2x massages (2 hours), A herbal steam, Accomodation will be a 5* room: In each room, there is also a kettle and tea pot with instant coffee and Thai green tea bags, Swimming pool with Jacuzzi, Free wifi and cable TV onsite, Three meals a day of healthy Thai ‘super foods’ and spices that work together to give your immune system a boost, fight inflammation, speed up your metabolism, and help to create a healthier you! Thai Vegetarian food, Early fresh juice before Yoga, Snacks available from 9 am to 12 am ( including fruits; yogurts, muesli; vegetarian club sandwich, local wild honey; etc ), Brunch, All evening meals except one when visiting the city of Chiang Mai, All transportations including: 2 Airport transfers, The Celadon workshop, The Umbrella Bosang Village, Chiang Mai for the flower market and Night bazaar market, A discovery of Thai culture including: Visits the mountains, waterfalls, lanna wooden houses, coffee plantations, temples, to be the only visitors to a local monastery, cookery school

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