SING | Activating Visshudhi: The Throat Chakra | Self Expression and Artistry

“Reclaim your potent voice, filling in the past silences”

One of our greatest fears is that we will leave this world with our ‘song’ still inside us. Sometimes we are so nervous about speaking up, that when we finally do the words just don’t come out right.

In this workshop we will:

  • Activate you confidence
  • Reclaim your powerful and potent goddess voice
  • Speak your inner and highest truth
  • Love your body
  • Balance and heal the Vishudda/Throat Chakra
  • Reconnect to who we are when we are not resolving and creating our identities to mollify and please others.    
  • We will explore techniques and methods to express ourselves fully without shame or fear of rejection
  • Authentic self expression: be YOU in every moment

In this workshop, there be laughter, shouting, singing and silence to unlock the blocks we have to our truest creative expression!

What we say and how we say it can change lives!

“You bring a lot of calm and safety to the room, holding space for everyone and making us comfortable and connected quite easily. Your workshop was really playful which I think is so important and I really enjoyed the fact that it mixed a lot of different techniques and influences, giving us opportunities to use our bodies, minds, voices, theatrical skills… And I also liked the fact that it had strong spiritual/ self-love and self-care element without being too serious. Laughter and dance all the way!”

Melanie Berard, London