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About 5 years ago I realised that things needed to change. I wasn’t happy living in London with no time for my personal life and never enough money. I began this journey: delving into my story, my belief system and realising that the biggest setback from creating a life i would love was me! From that moment I have dedicated myself to alchemy: to transforming my lead (my stories) to gold, and that is why I created theretreats to help other female creatives realize their dreams and create a life they would love.


I love to help people to dress and be their most sexy, creative, soul inspired selves! I first discovered this amazing human being: the talented Angela in Brazil in 2015. Now we have begun designing beautiful corsets in line with the  journey! We have been working together since 2016. These are the last of this batch before our next visit to Brazil and the new designs so grab them while they last!