“The coaching session I had with Ella was what I didn’t know I needed after ending a week full of planning and going into a week of taking creative risks. The visualisation, the writing and reflection were super useful in helping me feel so much more connected creatively whilst recognising the ways I block my own creativity.” Patricia Verity Suarez


“I absolutely loved the workshop I did with you: it gave me a beautiful awareness of my patterns and purpose”. Emily Winter, Participant, Leeds


“This workshop allowed me to open and connect to myself and others in movement. What a beautiful mix of techniques (from Yoga, Tango, Butoh … amongst others) to reach the heart of your own movement. Thank you Ella”Participant, Bristol

“It was such a wonderful experience attending the HOME workshop, as a dancer I felt totally immersed in the movement. HOME provided me with an opportunity to dance many styles, including my own and to meditate towards healing. Throughout the session I was guided through movement meditations; learning new dance vocabulary and improvising in my own flow – a wonderful synergy”Dani Byars, Leeds

“I came a woman and left feeling a goddess. It was an intense afternoon delving through our inner workings but I left with a huge sense of euphoria and affinity for the other attendees.”Anna Demming

“I thoroughly enjoyed Ella’s invitation to seek deeper, to ground further into the inner expression of myself. A mindful workshop to root in your own dance”. Agüi Garcia

“Ella’s HEART workshop is a unique combination of yoga, tango and dance/contact improvisation techniques mixed seamlessly so that anyone can benefit. The workshop I attended had participants aged from 20-70 with varying degrees of dance backgrounds. It was a privilege to see everyone working and creating together with genuine joy. Ella has the ability to allow each individual to shine and to reach their creative potential. A rare and precious gift. I can honestly say it was a transformative experience-it won’t change your life but it may change the way you live it”Natalie Teitler (Participant in London at The Place)

“You bring a lot of calm and safety to the room, holding space for everyone and making us comfortable and connected quite easily. Your workshop was really playful which I think is so important and I really enjoyed the fact that it mixed a lot of different techniques and influences, giving us opportunities to use our bodies, minds, voices, theatrical skills… And I also liked the fact that it had strong spiritual/ self-love and self-care element without being too serious. Laughter and dance all the way!” Melanie Berard, London

“The knowledge she gave, the vibe created and being able to access the “Home” place we so regularly forget about and overlook, all led to a soul warming and fulfilling experience. I would highly recommend all artists from any background to take Ella’s workshops” Kiran Kumar, Student, Leed


Ahhh Ella – I did the mediation you sent me last night – I calmed down soooooo much – I didn’t even get to the end of it and I was so ready to sleep! Been really struggling to switch off and sleep calmly these days – was sooooooooo good! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Lisa, Client, Birmingham

“Thank you for today, it was inspiring and so good to move my spine and body and learn new mudras”. Aleksandra Jawulska