WOMB | Awakening Svadistana the Sacral Chakra | Exploring Pleasure, Boundaries and Shadows with the HOME Series: Your PathFor coming back home to yourself.

“Take off your mask, your face is glorious.”
  • Get your emotions in motion
  • Rediscover your passion and pleasure
  • Get in touch with your inner Goddess

In this 2 hour workshop, we will:

  • Explore boundaries, play with saying no awaken the sensation of pleasure
  • Delve into your shadows, your masks and the things no longer serving you
  • Finally get in touch with your divine feminine: your inner creator, your in-tuition, your inner goddess.


22nd August 11am

The series of workshops are a powerful healing tool

  • They are a PathFor Alchemy, Truth, Freedom, Creativity, Grounding, Releasing Fear, Opening your heart… and much more!
  • They are a journey that will bring you back home to your authentic self.
  • They are a PathFor true CREATIVE expression.

We want to help you remember who you really are! To come home to yourself, to reawaken that joy, to reconnect to our true soul purpose and begin sharing our gifts with the world. We want to help you to unleash your inner god/goddess.

Somewhere along the way of this amazing, confusing and sometimes painful life, we learn to suppress our desires and prioritise other things because we don’t have time: we forget who we are, what we love, and to connect to our joy everyday. We give away our power, and we succumb to the culture of silencing. The body has the power to heal itself.
Empower your body to heal itself. Get your emotions in motion, and rediscover your passion and pleasure in this journey with the water to unleash your inner goddess.