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This one hour session takes a different form each month, combining my experience in yoga, in intuitive coaching and in other practises, along with inspiration from what is happening astrologically. The session is designed to raise the group vibration and compliment the journey of our coaching clients, but can also stand alone as a powerful session.

  • 13th July: HOME (Dealing with overwhelm and setting up for coming out of lockdown) 8pm,
  • 7th August 8pm SACRED (Boundaries and knowing when to say yes/no),
  • 7th September 8pm CREATE (Willpower over procrastination),
  • 7th October 8pm HEART (Truly moving from our hearts),
  • 6th November 8pm SING (How we show our beliefs in our voice),
  • 7th December 8pm FLY (Imagining takes digging to decolonize our thinking),
  • 11th January SPACE 8pm (We are all connected: the collective space of creativity),
  • 5th February 8pm (Why are we as humans sometimes so afraid to go for what we want?)