The HOME Series: Your PathFor coming back home to your heart.



Our mind and body have a powerful affect on the outside world and the reality we live in. This series of workshops are a powerful healing tool offering practical steps to evolve body and mind. 

I call them the PathFor, because:

  • They are a PathFor Alchemy, Truth, Freedom, Creativity, Grounding, Releasing Fear, Opening your heart… and much more!
  • They are a journey that will bring you back home to your authentic self.
  • They are a PathFor true CREATIVE expression.
  • They are a path for mastering the way you want to live your life.

Somewhere along the way of this amazing, confusing and sometimes painful life, we learn to suppress our desires and prioritise other things because we don’t have time: we forget who we are, what we love, and to connect to our joy everyday.

We want to help you remember who you really are! To come home to yourself, to reawaken that joy, to reconnect to our true soul purpose and begin sharing our gifts with the world. We want to help you to unleash your inner god/goddess.

YOU can creating an abundant joyful life using your creativity!

This is a series of 7 workshops inspired by the 7 Chakras, 7 Orixás, 7 archetypes and are a system to help empower cyour creativity, to transform your doubt, to embody your passion and create your abundant life: It is an invitation to step on to the Alchemist path.

Over the course of the 7 day program, you will be inspired to step out of the illusions which hold us back from being our true superhero selves and create the life we would love!

This Series was developed originally on Ella Mesma Company dancers whilst I was training in Alchemy, to facilitate the telling of the performers stories and dealing with all the stuff that comes up in the studio, and in life in a way that was healing, affirming and helped the dancers access the beautiful place of vulnerability where the magic happens.

Now, that series has evolved to empower female creatives to transform doubt, and the blocks from embodying their passions in life and create abundance and joy.

SACRED: Embodied Alchemy Workshop: 22nd August

These are the series of 7 workshops:

  HOME (Read More)

HOME | Awakening Muladhara the Root Chakra | Grounding to create Foundation and Abundance with the PATHFOR Series 

“All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions—fear or love. In truth there are only two emotions—only two words in the language of the soul”

In Sanskrit, the word for HOME is rumah or asrama, meaning Ashram. Whilst great work has been created in de-stress, the state of HOMEostasis is a state of balance, where we are in touch with our heart and our soul. In a state of HOMEostasis, we are able to be connected to ‘innocence’ or ‘inner sense’. HOMEostasis facilitates our creativity. HOMEostasis facilitates our imagination. HOMEostasis facilitates us coming back HOME: dropping the masks we wear, switching off the hustle and remembering our truth. Transform your fear, transform your survival mode, transform your frustration into love, creativity and abundance! Reclaim your right to ‘be’ and come back HOME to yourself.

HOME: Embodied Alchemy Workshop: 1st August

HEART (Read More) 

HEART | Awakening Anahata the Heart Chakra | Giving and recieving with the PATHFOR Series 

“The more love we feel in our hearts, the more it will be brought to us” 

Learn to let love into your life! Let go of your need to please, of over helpful tendencies and learn to receive. Transform your heart with powerful exercises in giving and receiving and step into your greatness. Balance the imbalances in your life and release the stress and self judgement… because in truth, there is nothing but love!

  WOMB (Read More) 

WOMB | Awakening Svadistana the sacral chakra | Exploring Pleasure, Boundaries and Shadows with the PATHFOR Series

“Take off your mask, your face is glorious.”
  • Get your emotions in motion
  • Rediscover your passion and pleasure
  • Get in touch with your inner Goddess

In this 2 hour workshop, we will:

  • Explore boundaries, play with saying no awaken the sensation of pleasure
  • Delve into your shadows, your masks and the things no longer serving you
  • Finally get in touch with your divine feminine: your inner creator, your in-tuition, your inner goddess

SING (Read More)

SING | Activating Visshudhi: The Throat Chakra | Self Expression from the PATHFOR Series 

“Reclaim your potent voice, fill in the past silences”

One of our greatest fear is that we will leave this world with our “song” still inside us. Release your secrets, express your truth in this exploration of our inner artist. For the shy within us, to express, to communicate,  to let go of judgement and sing to our hearts desire

FLY (Read More)

FLY | Awakening Ajna the Third Eye Chakra | Intuition and Imagination with the PATHFOR Series

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ” 

A space to explore and unleash your intuition, to let go of the doubts, the thinking mind and connect to our innocence, our inner sense, and be in no sense… to open up to our is-ness, our bliss and our joy… because from here we can create beyond our wildest dreams!

CREATE (Read More)

Manipura the Naval Chakra | The Lustrous Gem | Creating a life we treasure with the PATHFOR Series

 “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” 

The law of action. An exploration of will vs disfunction and negative vision: how we can truly transform our current reality into the life we would love. Leave behind the stories no longer serving us so you can manifest the desires and truths of your inner artist.

SPACE (Read More)

SPACE | Awakening Sahasrara the Crown Chakra | Connecting through all time and space with the PATHFOR Series 

“I am connected to everyone through all time and space”

Vibrate the cosmos: this is the final stage of alchemy: graduate and claim your crown: meet the Queen or King your were born to be by connecting to your true genius and truly learn to create a life of abundance: transform illusion into JOY

If chakras are blocked this keeps us from flowing freely in our lives, from creating, from taking control of our lives. Each lower chakra corresponds to an upper chakra, and so we like to run our sessions in this order to achieve balance, and each time we move up to a new chakra raising a higher vibration.

The origin of the rainbow chakras and the kundalini serpent derive from the Yoruba Orisha system of ancient West Africa, deified in the divinity Oshumare and that is why the PathFor series focus on the dances of these deities as well as movement styles and artistic mediums to allow us to connect with our pure creative spirit.