Online Classes

Whilst we are in a period of social distancing we have compiled a list of all the classes of our awesome artist friends! (Feel free to email me your classes and I will add them)

SACRED: Embodied Alchemy Workshop: 22nd August

MONDAY MORNING MOVEMENT MANTRA: Mondays 11.11-12.00: Ella Mesma Company Monday Morning Movement Mantra Back in September

TUESDAY EVENING KUNDALINI YOGA: To boost your immunity, release fear and raise your vibration, Tuesdays, 18:30 – 19:45 BST from 14th April Back in August

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON DESK YOGA: 15:15: Fifteen Moves to make you feel better at the desk: Wednesdays 15:15 GMT

SATURDAY MORNING: SAMBA NO PE: Saturdays 11AM GMT Last class Saturday 25th July