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Embodied Alchemy

Alchemy & Coaching to help Artists & Professionals embody creativity & abundance


Freedom: Exclusive membership with workshops and talks

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This Package is for those who would like to practise of Embodied Alchemy, but aren’t ready to invest in coaching. Now, more than ever, we, as a human collective, are being asked if we are ready to ascend, to let go of limiting beliefs and disfunctional behaviours that we have been stuck in for far too long and this is a great taster to keep your vibrations high and share the journey in a circle of wonderful womxn.

For a £33 monthly subscription we offer three events online: a valued at £111. This is not only workshops, this is an accountability group. These sessions will allow you to transform areas of your life and raise your vibration so you attract and create all the magic. Each month, you will be invited to attend one group intuition practise, and one talk, one workshop: each allowing you to do the deep inner work.

You will also have access to meditations to further your journey, and access to a Member’s Only Private Facebook Group, where you can share your personal experiences, connect and elevate with like-minded goddesses who are also on their own PathFor deep healing, self-realisation and evolution of consciousness. Over the next year, we will become your accountability group, your power team, your family. Come to as many or as few as you want per month. 

Sessions will be filmed* and uploaded onto our facebook group, so you can catch up any time. *Please note we do not film the intuitive sessions and the movement sessions unless all attendees agree! We are all healers in training and this is a space to really step into your own, and to share the journey: the hard bits, the good bits, the questions, the wins with people who love you! 

Plus a weekly Creative Hour Friday session (One hour accountability group for creating whatever you are currently working on)