I believe this work is for EVERYONE! This Embodied Alchemy Membership Package is for those who would like to stay close to the practise but perhaps aren’t quite ready to invest in coaching just now! Over the next year, we will become your accountability group, your power team, your family. We hold three sessions a month, plus we have an exclusive facebook group where you can stay connected to your creative dreams and turn them into creative realities! Come to as many or as few as you want per month, We will also film each session* and put them into our facebook group, so you can catch up any time.

*Please not we do not film the intuitive sessions and the movement sessions only if all attendees agree! (You are also welcome to have your cameras off if you don’t want to feature)

We are all healers in training and this is a space to really step into your own, and to share the journey: the hard bits, the good bits, the questions, the wins with people who love you!

Please note if you are a coaching client, this is included in your coaching package along with your 1:1 coaching and our accountability group!

The membership package includes the following monthly group sessions:

Embodied Alchemy Monthly Movement Workshop:

A Movement session: different each month: from sacral chakra healing work to movement practises to shift trauma to grounding movement meditations: each month influenced by the moon, the movement, the world, the group will come together with an online movement session.


1st August: HOME (Themes of Homeostasis and releasing trauma) 11am,

22nd August 11am SACRED (Themes of Boundaries, Pleasure and the Wheel Of Consent),

26th September 11am CREATE (Physicalise the will power, Archetypes and Enneagrams),

24th October 11am HEART (Bowing down to our greatness, giving and receiving),

21st November 11am SING,

9th January 11am FLY,

6th February SPACE

Embodied Alchemy Group Goddess Session

This one hour session delivered takes a different form each month, combining my experience in yoga, in intuitive coaching and in other practises, along with inspiration from what is happening astrologically. The session is designed to raise the group vibration and compliment the journey of our coaching clients, but can also stand alone as a powerful session.


13th July: HOME (Dealing with overwhelm and setting up for coming out of lockdown) 6pm,

7th August 6pm SACRED (Boundaries and knowing when to say yes/no), 7th September 7pm CREATE (Willpower over procrastination),

7th October 7pm HEART (Truly moving from our hearts),

6th November 7pm SING (How we show our beliefs in our voice),

7th December 7pm FLY (Imagining takes digging to decolonize our thinking),

11th January SPACE (We are all connected: the collective space of creativity),

5th February (Why are we as humans sometimes so afraid to go for what we want?)

Group Intuitive Practise Sessions:

This session allows those on the journey who may want to continue to practise intuitive work but not quite be ready for coaching to maintain their practise and learning

These are the last Monday of the month at 8pm!

27th July (Refining & practising Choices),

31st August (Circle Work on your business),

28th September (Completion),

26th October (Circle Work on your relationship),

30th November (Conflict work),

25th January (Circle Work: Creator/Victim),

22nd February (Sub Choices)

Membership Package Prices

Pay per month:

£22 per month (LockDownRate available (lock this fee down for one year) until August 31st)

£33 pcm (From 1st September until 31st December)

Pay for 3 months upfront:

£60 3 months (LDR available until August 31st)

£90 3 months up front (from 1st September-December 31st)

Pay for 6 months upfront:

£100 6 months (LDR available until August 31st)

£160 6 months up front (From 1st September- 31st December)

Pay for one year upfront:

£180 1yr (LDR available until August 31st)

£300 1 year up front (from 1st September-31st December)