Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini classes increase our physical vitality and expand our consciousness. The beauty of Kundalini yoga lies in its truly holistic nature. The practice is in itself meditative, whilst simultaneously strengthening the physical body. Ella’s classes truly can be described as ‘moving meditation,’ with her nurturing teaching making this beautiful practice accessible to all.

Through this inner healing work we can blossom into individuals able to honour our identity of truth – our Sat Nam. This practice helps us to find peace in the present moment & occasionally comfort in the discomfort, shifting us into a space of AWARENESS. A regular practice gifts us with a sense of inner stability & peace, clearing energetic blocks & allowing us to be our most vibrant and aligned selves.

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This ‘As Above, So Below’ Kundalini course combines mantra, mudra, breath and physical asana.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques and meditation into a soul-nourishing practice.

Kundalini may be just the remedy your soul is calling for…

As Above So Below is associated with sacred geometry. When working with the chakra system, each lower chakra has a coordinating higher chakra – so in this series we will seek to balance both a higher and lower chakra using the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Join us and feed the Body, heal the Mind & awaken the Spirit.

Taught by Ella Mesma or Chand Sunderta Kaur, who is a dancer, a Kundalini and Vinyasa teacher, a passionate practitioner of Ashtanga yogi, artistic director or Ella Mesma Company and a coach delving into the world of connectivity: through technology and mind!

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