Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques and meditation into a soul-nourishing practice. Kundalini classes increase our physical vitality and expand our consciousness.

The beauty of Kundalini yoga lies in its truly holistic nature. The practice is in itself meditative, whilst simultaneously strengthening the physical body.

Kundalini may be just the remedy your soul is calling for…

This practice helps us to find peace in the present moment & occasionally comfort in the discomfort, shifting us into a space of AWARENESS.

A regular practice gifts us with a sense of inner stability & peace, clearing energetic blocks & allowing us to be our most vibrant and aligned selves.

Through this inner healing work we can blossom into individuals able to honour our identity of truth – our Sat Nam.

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This ‘As Above, So Below’ Kundalini course combines mantra, mudra, breath and physical asana.

Ella or Chand Sunderta Kaur’s classes truly can be described as ‘moving meditation,’ with her nurturing teaching making this beautiful practice accessible to all.

As Above So Below is associated with sacred geometry. When working with the chakra system, each lower chakra has a coordinating higher chakra – so in this series we will seek to balance both a higher and lower chakra using the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Join us and feed the Body, heal the Mind & awaken the Spirit.

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About Kundalini:

Kundalini yoga is a school of yoga developed by yogi Bhajan that is influenced by Shaktism, Sikh Dharma and Tantra. It is often referred to as the Mother of all practises.Kundalini it is also said by some, to have derived from the Yoruba Orixá system of ancient West Africa which deified Oxumare: the snake god, and then travelled to Egypt, and India. A spiritual energy or life force (Kundalini Shakti) is located at the base of the spine (the unmanifested energy within you) and this is conceptualised as a coiled-up serpent. Through the use of yoga and meditation, the Kundalini energy can be awakened to flow through the body and allow one to connect with the Creator. The whole yogic system is aimed only towards enhancing your perception. The two eyes can see only that which is physical. The practice of Kundalini yoga arouses the sleeping Kundalini Shakti from its coiled base through the 6 chakras and penetrate the 7th chakra, or crown, meaning life can be looked at completely differently: with responsibility, truth and able to perceive everything that can be perceived.

Yogi Bhajan:

The investigation is still underway, but as with many people in positions of his power recently, and sadly, it has come to light that Yogi Bhajan was not upholding aspects of his Code of Ethics relating to sexual misconduct.

My life work and path is around consent and heart opening. I would like to bring as much compassion as I am able, but I have decided to step away from Yogi Bhajan (who is human after all), but in whom I personally feel disappointed in.

I honour the powerful teachings of the ancient practice of Kundalini, and I will continue to teach kundalini. Whilst still following the kundalini methods and kriyas with my utmost respect, I will bring in elements of other aspects of my training around the theory of as above so below, getting our emotions in motion and other elements at the beginning of class.

If anyone is affected by this or wants to ask me more about this, please do get in touch.