These movement meditation workshops are designed to heal, open and empower a specific chakra.

I believe that we can all dance and so with these workshops hope to unleash the dancer inside all of us: to aid us all to move uniquely, to create authentically, to respond, to lead, to follow. Just like nature, we all have our natural and unique talents to share with the world, and I love to use beautiful rhythms, magic and creative imagination to draw these out and come home to who we are together and how we move authentically.

The Hindu concept of the chakra has its’ ancient origin in India. In the tantric tradition, it is believed that the energy that was brought forth at the creation, the Kundalini, is a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. Through the use of yoga and meditation, the Kundalini energy can be awakened to flow through the body and allow one to connect with the Creator.


HOME uses different improvisation techniques and work with the mula bandhas or mulahadra and the ‘Pole of the Body’ as described by Katherine Dunham to discover and unlock the unique movement language within all of us. Danced to Latin and Afro house, (and other awesome tracks) HOME includes body isolations, contract/release work, floor-work and the imagination.


HEART uses different techniques from contemporary and partner dances to get back in touch with ourselves and to remember how to communicate without words: the universal language of the body. Danced to Latin (and other) music, HEART includes lifting, one to one and group partner combinations as well as meditations to connect to the heart.