Awakening Anahata the Heart Chakra | Giving, receiving and balance

“The more love we feel in our hearts, the more it will be brought to us”

Learn to let love into your life! Let go of your need to please, of over helpful tendencies and learn to receive. Transform your heart with powerful exercises in giving and receiving and step into your greatness. Balance the imbalances in your life and release the stress and self-judgement… because in truth, there is nothing but love!

HEART is about love, self-love, care and opening our hearts. We will use techniques from contemporary and partner dances to get back in touch with ourselves and others. This session is also about communication: with and without words using the universal language of the body, and receiving: one of the hardest life lessons, and one of its most beautiful gifts. There are many powerful lessons to learn. We will explore trust, making choices and taking responsibility, as well as helping us get in touch and listen to ourselves and others intuitively. Danced to Kizomba, Zouk and other beautiful music, HEART includes lifting, one to one and group partner combinations as well as meditations to connect to the heart.

*This class uses balloons: If you have a latex allergy or phobia please notify us and we will make adjustments.

“Ella’s HEART workshop is a unique combination of yoga, tango and dance/contact improvisation techniques mixed seamlessly so that anyone can benefit. The workshop I attended had participants aged from 20-70 with varying degrees of dance backgrounds. It was a privilege to see everyone working and creating together with genuine joy. Ella has the ability to allow each individual to shine and to reach their creative potential. A rare and precious gift. I can honestly say it was a transformative experience-it won’t change your life but it may change the way you live it”.

Natalie Teitler, Participant in London at The Place Tweet