Embodied Alchemy

I have been on such a beautiful path of healing. From Yoga, to Wheel of Consent, to Holistic Pelvic Care to Alchemy, and if there is one thing… two things… that resonate most strongly, they are:

It is all connected: innocence, inner sense, in no sense, letting go of the need to know, is-ness, bliss, joy, kundalini rising: this is at the heart of true connectivity: The trust is the magic, the magic is the reconnecting, the coming home to your body, learning to listen to the whisper: this is at the heart of all magic (yes magic!)

We can’t just heal trauma with words… we have to work with the body… the body knows the score, the body is psychic, the body feels so much more deeply… and this is why I teach magic with all of the body

I offer embodied alchemy in all areas of my work: this could be working on a chakra, this could be healing a wound, this could be teaching you intuition work and how to create the life you would love. Just click on the links below to learn more about my offerings:

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