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“Ella is an extremely genuine person. I feel that she intends to help & guide individuals towards alignment, happiness and growth. Given her insight and knowledge in both the arts and in her spiritual nature she is a great person to be offering guidance”

Stella McGowan

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Case Study: Diana Pineiro

“Ella’s true understanding of my deepest thoughts has meant that she has given me very wise advise and means that sometimes I can feel her sitting in my shoulder when I need to make a decision. She has shown up for me, she is proud of me and has taught me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I’m eternally grateful for her time and positive energy” “I joined because I wanted to continue the wonderful intuition work from the course I did with William Whitecloud” The most profound change since coaching with Maya Gandaia has been realising how important it is to be kind to myself and how my childhood thoughts aren’t real. I need to separate myself from my parents to be able to live my true nature and purpose, especially for the sake of my children” “I love coaching with Ella because she is down to earth, understanding, empathetic and listens intently. She speaks from the heart and really does her best to feel into how she can help you in your journey. She shows much appreciation and is so sweetly serene and very real. She is a beautiful being with the most amazing smile who has helped see deep into myself with humour and gratitude”