For deep work for those invested in their path to discover their highest self, we offer 1:1 Creative coaching: focused purely on the goal to CREATE what you would love, we also offer the opportunity to delve deeper into the work of the

       as a 1:1,

I would love to help you create the life you would love! Why do you need a coach?

Here are some of the reasons why we believe in the power of coaching:

Athletes and CEO’s have coaches… why should you?

Sometimes our friends, our families, the people close to us have the best of intentions, but can’t always give the best advice. I love my Mum to bits… but for advice about my life as an artist, a yoga teacher, a coach, a writer… we have different agendas, and the advise often ends up in us agreeing to disagree. Don’t get me wrong: sometimes her advice… and her intuition is on point… and nothing beats a Mum hug… but her opinions about what O ‘should’ be doing often get in the way. As a coach, I will help you to overcome overwhelm, to get unstuck and to create your best life…  and most importantly: without an agenda or my personal opinion or societal conditioning getting in the way. I genuinely want to help you be your best version of your best self. I work using intuition: not opinion, by connecting to your genius, to coach to help you empower yourself. A coach is a facilitator: your biggest fan: supporting you to do your best, to be your best… it is proven that having someone watching you: someone who your back can have a positive impact on every area of your life.

We offer discounts for clients who sign up for 3 months, and 6 months.

Coaching also makes you accountable to someone.

It gets you faster results.

It helps you keep your vibration high

You have someone who genuinely has your back and will call you out on the things holding you back from achieving greatness

It gives you ideas and perspective you may never think of alone

It gives you insights into yourself: we are not our stories: sometimes it takes someone else to help us realise this.

It gives you a stronger self belief and self-confidence.

So I would love to do a taster session with you! In the testimonials section you will see some reviews from peoples experience of coaching. My gift is in intuition, and in creativity: I would LOVE to help you create a life that is a true reflection of YOUR genius.