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My birth name is Ella: which means complete! But I received Maya Gandaia (pronounced My-a Gan-dye-A) as my Earth: a present from Mother Earth on a magical journey of meditation and plant medicine in early 2017, and so this concept was born!

I have always loved Maya Angelou and so the name Maya holds even more power and truth in my heart. It has brought me pure joy on this path as a seeker of truth moving from the illusion of my  identity to joy and creating this wonderful life: a life I LOVE!

I am the published author of Journal to Joy and director of award winning company Business Yoga (Prestige award 2020). I am an artist, a yogi, a writer, a teacher, and a coach.

I have been practising yoga since 2004, and been teaching since 2011. I originally trained in yoga with Embodied Dancer Yoga Teacher Training then discovered Ashtanga in 2015 and later Kundalini, training with the Karam Kriya School in 2018 & the Yoga Teachers College® in 2020. I practise Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Trapeze. I have also trained in Sekhem, Chakra healing, TRE, The Wheel of Consent and Holistic Pelvic Care.

My dance training began as a child, but I pursued dance as a career later in life and as a trained dancer, performance highlights have included Russell Maliphant Company, Lea Anderson (The Chomondeleys), Olympics Opening Ceremony, Southpaw and Uchenna. I am also director of international touring Ella Mesma Dance Company.

Creative Vision

We spend so much of our time distracted with trying to resolve our identity that we could be using to be creative.

98% of the world’s people are spending 98% of their time on things that don’t matter

Imagine what we might do if the other 98% were used to it’s true potential! We inherited the fight or flight ‘stress’ mode from our evolutionary predecessors and tend to live out our lives in fear of not having enough. But, What if it was all an illusion? Maya means ‘Illusion’ in Sanskrit. Maya refers to our perceived lack: Our fears around not being good enough, not having enough, getting old, not being capable. It refers to how we feel when we don’t make that promotion, when we get rejected, when we are made to feel small or self doubt creeps in and we don’t go for what we would LOVE. What if I told you our thoughts and feelings are not real? That all of this is just societal conditioning: that what we learn between the ages of 0-4: the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’ are what we learn to put on to conform, to stay safe, play small and then we forget or get comfortable or become too scared to take off this mask and reach our true potential?

We all have shadows: rejected and denied parts of ourselves and we are about bringing those to the light. What if I told you that humans, through the power of the mind have the power to transcend all of that and CREATE beyond our wildest dreams! YOUR mind is so powerful! YOU can create your dream lifestyle by connecting to source energy, and you can transform the illusions of failure into gold: a creative journey to soul purpose and joy, and abundant living! ‘Gandaia’ is the joy. The whole concept of Maya Gandaia is about shining a light on the illusions we have made up so we can step into and create from pure joy. I am a creator. So are YOU! A powerful one! The truth is we ALL have immense power when we create from joy: you have the keys to unblock the obstacles and live your dreams. This is a space breaking out of the illusion and mundanity of living to survive to move to the highest vibrations where we thrive and CREATE