“There is no greater ALCHEMY than bearing an untold story inside of you” Maya Angelou said this…

I believe that the agony we feel when we hold our stories inside can transform when we release them… when we let go of the beliefs and come back home to who we truly our: to our true potential, and what we came to this earth to do.

It is my pleasure to meet you here.

My name is Ella and I work with people who would love to create abundance using their creativity! It brings me joy to transform fears around lack and ‘I can’ts’ into truly believing in the divine feminine and creative power!

I help to unleash a confident, visible, self expressive you! To create loving, growth-oriented relationships and collaborations, and to empower them to discover our purpose and their divinity: our true essence. I love to transform our experiences into creative gems, to reclaim our passion and empower our life: to embrace our super heroine selves and realise our destiny…

I have been developing Maya Gandaia over the past 3 years using all my influences and learning on this beautiful path! I begun yoga and dance over 15 years ago, and this beautiful path of Creative Development over 5 years ago now.

Maya Gandaia (Which translates as ‘illusion to joy’) (find out why the name here) is a concept for breaking out of the illusion and mundanity of living to survive to move to the highest vibrations of joy where we thrive and CREATE! I believe everyone has an inner artist, a creative and find pure joy in this place, but somewhere along the way, we learn to suppress that desire, we don’t have time, we prioritise other things, we forget our love and joy.

YOU can creating an abundant joyful life using your creativity! With love, Ella xxx

Here at Maya Gandaia we offer various strands of

Embodied Alchemy : Your path to finding your true expression




Movement Meditation Mantra and Mudra



Cacao Ceremonies

Online Retreats/Training


An embodied approach to alchemy which involves elements of all my practises:

Alchemical and Intuitive coaching

Body work: eg TRE, Wheel of Consent, Yoga

Chakra balancing

Group and 1:1 Practice sessions