It is my pleasure to meet you here.

My name is Ella and I am a creative with a passion…

I am a dancer, a Kundalini, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yogi, and a coach delving into the world of connectivity: through technology and mind! I have been developing Maya Gandaia over the past 3 years using all my influences and learning on this beautiful path!

Maya Gandaia (Which translates as ‘illusion to joy’) (find out why the name here) is a concept for breaking out of the illusion and mundanity of living to survive to move to the highest vibrations of joy where we thrive and CREATE!

As well as having had an amazing career as a performer, I own and direct Ella Mesma Company: with whom I have enjoyed some incredible opportunities across the globe. I am also an entrepreneur: Business Yoga is a project close to my heart, which is about bringing wellbeing into the office. I am an artist, a yogi, a writer, a teacher, a coach, which is how I arrived here with Maya Gandaia!

Maya Gandaia are about to run our first retreat, which will feature the full series ‘PathFor Series‘ of 7 workshops, plus Kundalini and yoga classes in Thailand for NYE, so this is a great opportunity to try it out and see if you like the work. ‘The PathFor Series’: are a series of 7 workshops to help us to step out of the illusions which hold us back from being our true superhero selves.

Here at Maya Gandaia we offer three strands of deep work on the path to finding your true expression




Just click on the links above to find out more. It is my pleasure to meet you here!

With love, Ella xxx