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Alchemy & Coaching to help Artists & Professionals embody creativity & abundance

Embodied Alchemy

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We Offer Three Strands as Your


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Maya Gandaia and the ‘PathFor Joy’ series are all about turning the ‘lead’ of our stories and difficult lives into gold that is our true essence. You are here for a reason: to share your unique gift, your passion, and your heart with others. Once we weave that gold, in the final stage, we put the red tincture: we transform our actions, thoughts and experiences so we can live a life of joy.


Maya Gandaia & Embodied Alchemy

It is my pleasure to meet you here! My name is Ella and I believe everyone has an inner artist, a creative and find pure joy in this place, but somewhere along the way, we learn to suppress that desire, we are in trauma and survival, we don’t have time, we prioritise other things, we forget.

Maya Gandaia (Which translates as ‘illusion to joy’) is a concept for breaking out of that the pain of living to survive and moving into the highest vibrations of joy where we CREATE, and embracing what it means to be human and whole.

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*We offer subsidised packages for womxn of colour & working class womxn just send an email to get in touch and find out more.

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