THE PATH FOR are a series of workshops inspired by the chakra system to help you get back to your pure creative spirit. They are a path for your journey bring you back home to your authentic self. They are your path to true CREATIVE expression. Explained and demonstrated simply, using movement, meditation and imagination, these workshops are a path for enlightenment.

I originally developed the content of the path for retreats on Ella Mesma Company to facilitate the telling of the performers stories and dealing with all the stuff that comes up in the studio in a way that was healing and affirming and still helped the dancers access the beautiful place of vulnerability where all magic happens, but quickly realised that they were much more… here you can read some quotes from participants.

These workshops have been broken down into the seven chakras (energy centres in our body that regulate core identity and creative expression). If they are blocked this keeps us from flowing freely in our lives, from creating, from taking control of our lives.

The origin of the rainbow chakras and the kundalini serpent derive from the Yoruba Orisha system of ancient West Africa, deified in the divinity Oshumare and that is why our retreats focus either on the dances of these deities, or on yoga, in particular Kundalini, because through the use of yoga and meditation, the Kundalini energy can be awakened to flow through the body and allow us to connect with our pure creative spirit.


Whilst these workshops are made to be simple and accessible, they are intense, and so we offer the full series only in a retreat setting, where they will be accompanied with yoga or dance workshops, nutritious food and lots of time for reflection. Fancy joining us in Thailand for NYE?

All our retreats are intimate with a maximum of 12 participants, so we want to make sure that we have the right balance of beautiful humans on our path for retreats!