She Created Her Life

Created by Tichea Brade and Ella Mesma, “She created her life” is a daytime and evening event celebrating women.“She created her life’ is about just that: empowering women to create the life they would love.21st April 2018DAYTIME EVENT 11am-6pmEVENING EVENT 7pm-11pmRichmix35-47 Bethnal Green RoadLONDON E1 6LABOOK TICKETS:
The event includes:
This event is not to be missed!
A beautiful festival for us queens to connect with ourselves and each other.
Created by Tichea Brade and Ella Mesma, ‘She created her life’ is a daytime and evening event to empower and to celebrate each other as women.
This is the event to awaken that passion inside you. You know what we mean! No more waiting for the right time. The time is now. It’s time to create your life.
Yes, it’s scary and yes it challenging. But we know that with the right support  we can really create a life that we love.
We have carefully selected women who we feel have the same desires, intentions and premise as us. That we know will inspire you to take that first step. We are so passionate about them as woman and their individual talents and gifts that we knew they had to be part of the event.
Each woman has so much to share with you, we just can’t wait for you to meet them all.
“She created her life’ is about just that: empowering women to create the life they would love.
Tickets are limited!
So go and get yours and your fellow queens now.
Date: 21st April 2018
Address: Richmix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA
(4 mins walk from Shoreditch High Street)
Box Office: 020 7613 7498
There are 3 types of tickets
DAYTIME 11am-6pm £11
(Women only)
Motivational Speakers, Workshop …
EVENING EVENT 7pm-11pm £12
Networking and Canapés, dancers, singers spoken word…
(All welcome)
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The event includes:
DAYTIME SCHEDULE (Registration for workshops at 10.30)
“She created her life” collaborative mural with Ale Tortone
A marketplace full of beautiful crafts made by female entrepreneurs including Maya Gandaia and Tichea Brade
11-11.30 Mandy Rawsthorne: “This is YOUR time!”
An explanation on how women are extremely good at caring for others, but poor at caring for ourselves – Some simple steps she can take to start observing & then CREATING the life we would like to live.
11.30-12.00 Michela Di Felice: “fEMmePOWERMENT”
This workshop is for everyone: a class to boost confidence and
empower people, reunite, come together, to feel and love our bodies to connect with people, compliment each other and highlight our gifts and achievements.
12.00-12.30 Sarah Alvarez-Buylla: “Master your emotions, master your life”
The key to living a fulfilling life is being able to master your emotions. Fear of failure, “negative” feelings & insecurity can keep you playing small & staying within your uncomfortable comfort zone. In this workshop, Sarah will share with you a powerful technique to help you master your emotions, clear fears/negativity, increase confidence & reignite the passion & creativity that lies within you. In a live demonstration, you will have the opportunity to experience the power of the EFT technique.
12.30-1.00 Isik Tlabar: “Goddess Circle”
“Most of the time, we walk around disconnected from our bodies, thinking too much. We try to figure it all out in one go and we end up feeling exhausted.
Through movement, you can become present within ourselves and receive what your body needs. The still, quietness we all have within is the space that knows what’s best for you, you will access that space of total freedom.
In this movement workshop, you will awaken your senses and come back into your body through breath and movement. Your body naturally knows what it needs. We’ve been conditioned to not trust its wisdom and to listen to our head instead. Movement with focused awareness is the key to come back into our bodies.”
1.00-1.30pm Tichea Brade and Ella Mesma Company: “Speed Mentoring”
During this 30 minute session, you will have the opportunity to mentor and be mentored by other awesome women at the event. Mentoring is the process whereby one person helps another to find her own solution to problems and difficulties connected with work, career or personal life, and Tichea and Ella will be supporting with guidelines and timings to ensure everyone has the opportunity to mentor and be mentored. Please bring 1 or 2 problems/issues/challenges/questions you would like to address during the session.
1.30-2.00pm Suzy Miller: “How to prevent world wars, protect the next generation and help your friends, families and work colleagues save thousands by being an informed peacemaker”.
​Suzy Miller creates resources and events for families who want to take more peaceful routes through the major life events that families navigate, and in this talk she explores with her audience how we can all have a massive impact on the lives of children and families, using knowledge and tools readily available – but that most of us are not really aware of. At the very least, we can all use this knowledge for the benefit our friends, families and work colleagues – and just maybe, we can have a much greater influence than we realise on society and our world as a whole.
Suzy Miller is the UK’s unique ‘Alternative Divorce Guide’, A Divorce Strategist, Public Speaker and Trainer, featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, the Daily Mail and C5’s The Vanessa Show.
Suzy has collaborated with the Ministry Of Justice in helping to promote Dispute Resolution and educate couples on how to have a more peaceful divorce. She is the creator of the UK’s first Divorce Fair and campaigns for better ways to divorce, and for us all to step up and play our part in being informed Peacemakers.
2.00-3.00pm Panel Discussion: “She Created Her Life” Featuring:
Iris De Brito Full, Rhiannon Faith, Margaret Aberdeen, Beth Rowley 
3.00-3.30pm Claire Shaw: “Cocoa Yoga Meditation”
This workshop is an interactive journey of the senses, and of the mystery and magic surrounding the story of chocolate. We will tap into its bliss-inducing power; awakening the taste buds and boosting your serotonin levels. Expect a chocolate-focused meditation, followed by a delicious foray into its past, present and future with plenty of chocolate tasting along the way.
3.30-4.00pm Sheila Attah (1/2 of Hair The Beat): ““EmpowHER House and make HER House a Home.”
Sheila will be delivering a holistic dance workshop that encourages women to realise the beauty in their uniqueness, to find new ways of loving themselves and to feel at home within the skin of their castle. Using her secret weapon Afro-House to move women to new heights of self-love.
4.00-4.30pm Grazia Tribulato: “Tell your story like a star”
Often we feel the urge to communicate who we are and what we do to the world and we think that we don’t know how. We look for a formula that is going to work and try to follow proven successful examples. After working with a-list stars and brands on their personal branding and campaigns I realized authenticity is the real game and in our time together will share will you a structured approach to your brand storytelling.
4.30-5.00pm Dr Nathalie Teitler (Dancing Words- Dance Poetry films) “Funding and finances for female arts projects”.
A workshop on getting funding for women based arts projects. Bring your ideas and applications in process.
She has supported over 100 artists and arts organisations in successful funding applications over the last 20 years and specialised in arts activism, dance and literature.
5.00-5.30pm Margaret Aberdeen: “50+ & Feeling Fabulous
… is like winning the lottery”
Many people have a great deal of fear about ageing, and I am all for staying as healthy, in shape, and young-feeling as possible. But at the same time, I am reaping the fruits of ‘womanhood’ that you can only get from having been around for 50+ years. Join Margaret V Aberdeen, a domestic violence and cancer survivor, author of Priceless Roles of a Mother to learn why ageing is a ‘bonus plus’ with value and purpose of its own. She will talk about by being ‘selfish’ with mindfulness and fierceness, how she unleashed her femininity and self-worth to live the life she deserves.
5.30-6.00pm Ella Mesma Company and Tichea Brade: “Goal Setting”
The goal session is open to women at all stages of their careers, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to plan, feel inspired and understand your potential. All of you are powerful creators and amazing women. The aim of this session is is to help one another to:
*Become clearer about what you would love
*Verbalise your goals, hopes and dreams
*Get inspired to create the life you would love
*Put you in your highest vibration moving forwards
(Please bring a pen and paper)
7-8pmCanapés by Sadie’s Love and inspirational chats with other superheroines

VENUE 28-11pm

Elsabet Yonas: ‘Sisterhood’Sisterhood was created in 2017 for stage and later adapted to film. The piece came together with ease – an organic process. It started off, as an excuse to connect through movement but soon became a piece about the power of female energy. We explore various layers within our relationship, but it remains dominated by love.Comovementlab: A Blind CollaborationWhen an artist strips down all of their conditioning, cultural references and
genre attachments, they are left with only pure senses, intuition and skillset.
The collaboration explores how two strangers whose craft is music making
use only their immediate creative stimulus and the tools they have with them
to collaborate. Limiting communication to solely acoustic expression, the
artists are “blind” to any other sensory queues, nor have they ever met or
heard about each other beforehand. Thus, without preparation, assumptions
or direction, they get acquainted for the first time through their creative
mediums. The audience gets to experience an entirely unique process of two
strangers exploring a creative chemistry together.Dr Nathalie Teitler: Dancing Words: Speaking from the Body-Dance Poetry films (arts activism)Showing of 3 dance poetry films related to the female body and arts activism covering honour killing, the one child policy and stillbirth. The films are made with some of the UKs top female poets and dancer/choreographers who also come from backgrounds of diversity so that all aspects of them represent women pushing back and using the body as a space of empowerment, creativity and empowerment.Emma HoustonEmma Houston is a versatile artist with a keen interest in all forms of movement and choreography. Known predominantly as a Bgirl, Emma uses her Contemporary Dance training to create her own individual style of movement, incorporating flow and strength to move fluidly and dynamically. After gaining a First Class BA Hons from Trinity Laban’s conservatoire of music and dance, Emma has been working professionally in various capacities within the dance industry. Her experience ranges from performing in and creating theatre work to battling, teaching and working commercially. Emma is also a member of international Female Breaking Crew ‘HeartBreakerz’, who’s mission is to lead, inspire and be an important and active part of the Hip Hop Community Worldwide.CMG (Emmanuelle BayaFfion Campbell-DaviesAma Rouge): IntersectionCMG presents Intersection. A work in progress piece that questions our relationship to the erotic and asks ‘how does it feel to be in your body?’Key
____ division
∞ infinity symbol
∃ there exists
≜ equal by definitionEmbodiment
___________________ = Creativity∞ ∃ Spirituality ≜ THE EROTIC
Pleasure“There are many kinds of power, used, unused, acknowledged or otherwise. The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling…”
Audre LordeElla Mesma Company: An extract from LADYLIKE performed by Hsing Ya WuA piece using Afro Cuban, Breaking, Rocking and Contemporary dance theatre to focus on the female perspective. Themed around the slang word for woman as ‘chick’ or ‘hen’, Ladylike is a celebration of wonderful women and a provocative protest at gender roles, the masks we wear, sexual violence and sexism. Absurd, comical and romantic, four wild women ceremoniously undress timeless and universal stories of womanhood. This work contains some disturbing scenes of a sexual nature.Dor FrenkelJulia Testa Julia Testa Images – What is good projects / Testando 123 and @amitsegall: Endless BoundariesWhen we are born, our assigned sex define our role in society: how we will behave, what will be expected from us and the boundaries we will have to face in life. Due to our social-gendered role as women, nowadays, we struggle to define within what is our voice and is it what we want or what is impose on us. Applying motion tracking technologie with physical theatre and contemporary dance, we will question women’s role in the 21st century from both biology and society aspects.Ffion Campbell-Davies: Womb Paves Way‘Womb Paves Way’ is a biographical solo exploring the essence of what it is to become a woman. Looking at the life path, the cross roads of the past and future, recognising home is the womb, creating your own path, from your centre, clearing obstruction, birthing change and embarking where the physical meets the spiritual in rights of passage.
Guided by primal forces of deity Ògún, Yoruban Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban influence, through the marriage of contemporary and traditional forms. Taking fashion reference from African and Carribean women of the victorian and colonial era, and questioning what being a woman means today? What is ‘her-story’?Artivism Dance Theatre: Fear of Falling: The mind, like the flesh, is prone to malfunction.Azara Rowena Meghie: A fusion of poetry and breakdancing. The piece is about a night at a house party and being the only black person there I faced racism, homophobia and classism. So exploring those events on a canvas of live drums and sound from a sound engineer.Beth Rowley Beth Rowley is known for her voice and love of Blues and Gospel. After the huge success of her UK top 10 album ‘Little Dreamer’ in 2008, for which she was nominated a Brit Award, she’s back after working on her much anticipated second album. The period since ‘Little Dreamer’ has also seen Beth’s film debut with the release of Oscar nominated Brit flick ‘An Education’, starring Carey Mulligan and directed by Danish director Lone Scherfig. Beth’s cameo role as the nightclub singer received rave reviews as did her theme song ‘You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger’ written with collaborator Ben Castle. Beth has appeared on stage with some giants of the music world including Burt Bacharach at the Electric Proms, David Arnold (James Bond), and as Angelo Badalamenti’s personal guest (David Lynch’s right hand man) at Ghent film Festival. Beth also performed at Willie Nelsons 4th July Back Yard Festival in Austin alongside Ray Wylie Hubbard. In her spare time Beth tours in the UK and Europe as guest vocalist with Jools Holland and his R&B Band.Richmix35-47 Bethnal Green RoadLONDON E1 6LABOOK TICKETS: FROM THE ARTISTS:
“My vision has come to fruition. It’s just so beautiful to see how it’s is all coming together. I feel so blessed to be working with such amazing woman. This event will ignite fires within us! Let’s keep those fires burning with the support of us all. Keep creating!” Tichea Brade

“It has been such an exciting journey since the moment Tichea and me dreamed up this event, the magic has flowed, and I cant wait to see this all come together and empower more women to be awesome!” Ella Mesma Company
“I believe that is very important to inspire each other and end explore new way to express our self – painting it is definitely one way and every one of us is a unique artist we just need the colours to translate our emotion in to the
canvas” Alessandra Tortone mural artist
“Soo excited to be part of this line up of such excellent free thinking creative women. Plus I’ve known Ella since we were teenagers and I would drop anything to come and be part of an event she is involved with!” Beth Rowley
“To be part of a platform that holds space for the excellence and growth of women- particularly at a time which seems to be characterised by a seismic outpouring of female voice and leadership – it is exciting, empowering” CMG Ama Rouge Ffion Campbell-Davies
“I am so excited to be part of this beautiful moment in time, to be able to experience in one place the collective energy and wisdom of so many inspiring and true-speaking women. We are more than individuals and we are greater than the sum of our parts”. Claire Gabrielle Shaw (Cocoa Yoga)
“This is a wonderful time around the world for strong women to empower each other; together we can achieve anything”. Dr Nathalie Teitler
“We live in a very exciting time when more and more women can actually create the dream reality they wish to live in; all we need is more self-confidence and to appreciate and encourage one another! That’s why SCHL is very beautiful and very relevant” Eldina MunatayComovementlab
“I am excited to be a part of an event that focuses solely on female empowerment and allows me to share my work on a platform that aligns perfectly with my values”. Elsabet Yonas
“Excited to continue the celebration and elevation of women in a night of theatre and performance dedicated to us. Thank you! Emma Houston
“A fantastic opportunity to align with phenomenal women, powerful forces, graceful compassion and unity in the face of atrocity, let us heal and empower others through each other”. Ffion Campbell-Davies
“I love seeing a woman in their power, knowing what they want and going for it. This event feels like exactly that, empowering women to create the life they want. It feels wonderful to be part of it”. Isik Tlabar
“It is exciting to feel as a woman, we have space equally” Julia Testa and Dor Frenkel
“I am extremely passionate about offering some simple guidance to other like-minded women, because I know the amazing impact it can have on life! What are you waiting for?– This is YOUR time! Live life now while you still can!” Mandy Rawsthorne
“I feel honoured to be a part of such a wonderful event bringing women together to empower, heal and grow together into our greatest selves. This is the year of the woman!” Sarah Alvarez-Buylla
“Excited to be surrounded by formidable women who are all empowering. Empowered women EmpowHER Women” Sheila Attah of HAIR the BEAT
“Excited to be a part of a new powerful society of women!!” Azara Rowena Meghie
“We need each other to co-create a brighter future for all women — not to mention for girls rising up in the next generation”.
Margaret V Aberdeen
“It’s an honour to be part of this team all made of female warriors/queens who
inspired me over the years and contribute to spread love”. Michela Di Felice
“I’m excited to be part of such an important event- women building up women through many different forms. As women we are often wearing many hats and carrying much responsibility. Rarely do we get the chance to step back and celebrate one another and I feel blessed to be able to share in this moment.”- Sophia Rabinovitz“Delighted to be involved with this creative and inspirational event. Working together women are uniquely placed to revolutionise our world so our next generations can truly thrive.” Suzy Miller